July 31, 2023

インフレ and インフラ – Do you know which is which?

Learning Japanese: The difference between インフレ and インフラ

In the Japanese language, there are many words that sound similar but have different meanings. Today, we'll explore two such troublesome words imported from English: インフレ and インフラ.



two men pulling a dollar, stretching its value

1. インフレ Inflation

Originating from the English word "inflation", インフレ refers to the economic phenomenon where the general price level of goods and services is rising, and subsequently, purchasing power is falling.

Example Sentences:


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary

Image of various infrastructure

2. インフラ Infrastructure

The term インフラ comes from the English word "infrastructure". In Japanese, it is used to refer to the basic facilities and systems serving a country, city, or other area, including services necessary for its economy to function. Transportation systems, water supply, electricity, communication networks, public facilities, schools, and hospitals are a few examples.

Example Sentences:


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary

These are easy to mix up, but here are two tips to keep them straight:

  • "Infrastructure" has a "ra" or ラ in the spelling.
  • If you mentally continue out the sound from the last vowel, it sounds like the English:
    インフレ - ends in "e" sound which sounds like the "a" in "Inflation"
    インフラ - ends in "a" sound which sounds like the "a" in "Infrastructure"

Keep practicing these words and their usage in context to enhance your Japanese language skills!

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