October 27, 2017

食い逃げ Eat & Leave Without Paying, to Bilk

食い逃げ (く に )

eat and leave without paying; to bilk

kui nige
eat & leave without paying, to bilk

食 ku to eat
逃 nige run away, escape

食べ物 tabe mono - food [B]
断食 dan jiki - fast (dont eat) [I]
夜逃げ yo nige - escape in the night [I]
逃走 tou sou - escape, flight [A]

It all started with a little honey smuggling job...



kuma no pu-san wa hachimitsu o kuinege shite, hachi kara shimeitehai sareta.
Winnie the Pooh, after eating honey without paying for it, made the bees most wanted list.

  • くまのプーさん kuma no pu-san - Winnie the Pooh [He can also be called プーさん pu-san]
  • 蜂蜜 hachi mitsu - honey
  • ~して ~shite - ~ing and then...
  • 蜂 hachi - bees
  • から kara - from, originating from
  • 指名手配 shi mei te hai - wanted by the police; searching for a suspect
  • された sareta - makes it passive [Pooh was put on the wanted list]

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