Japanese Grammar: なら

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There are several ways to express the meaning behind “if” in Japanese. なら is one of them. It means “if the preceding phrase is true, then…”

Using なら Japanese grammar

It may be best to memorize example sentences.

-i Adjectives: Adjective + なら [You can also use の: -i Adj + の + なら]


takai nara, kawanai.
If it is expensive, I won’t buy it.

Vocabulary & Notes


omoshiroi nara, mitai.
If it is interesting, I want to see it.

Vocabulary & Notes

Verbs: Plain form + なら [You can also use の: Plain form + の + なら]


anata ga iku nara, watashi mo ikimasu.
If you are going, I’ll go too.

Vocabulary & Notes


chokore-to o taberu nara, ha o migakinasai.
If you are going to eat chocolate, brush your teeth.

Vocabulary & Notes


okane ga aru nara, terebi o kainasai.
If you have money, go ahead and buy a TV.

Vocabulary & Notes

Finally, here are a few common usages with nouns:


anata nara, dekiru.
If it is you (doing it), you can do it. (it can be done)

Vocabulary & Notes


otona nara, sonna koto wa shinai.
An adult wouldn’t do such a thing.
(if it is an adult, the adult wouldn’t do such a thing.)

Vocabulary & Notes

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