Makoto+ isn't just a subscription to the monthly Makoto e-zine for beginning to intermediate students of Japanese. It has new content added several times a week.

For example, beginners get a sentence... (Click the down arrow to expand for the sound files and full explanation.)

7/28/2020: Jogging



All Makoto+ members get a new sentence every other weekday. The sentence is broken down with vocabulary, explanation, and translation so you can fully understand the meaning. Not only that, but every single sentence has two recordings: slow and normal speed.

But Makoto+ isn't just for beginners. We also add new intermediate-level sentences usually taken from the news. Not only will you learn about the language, you'll also learn about what's going on in Japan right now.

Here's an example intermediate sentence:

7/31/2020: Gas Explosion


After you've reviewed the vocabulary and grammatical explanations, listen to the sentence over and over to practice your listening comprehension. Then begin "shadowing" the sentence by speaking the words with the recording.

This is a powerful way to:

  • Increase vocabulary and kanji
  • Improve reading
  • Improve listening
  • Improve speaking

New content is added almost daily and this is included in your membership. 

Samurai members can see the latest content; Shogun members can see all previous entries.

This is just a taste of what we offer for as little as $3 a month!

Makoto+ also has a lot of interactive content like above:

  • Haiku (with linguistic and cultural explanations and sound recordings)
  • Japanese tongue twisters (with slow and fast speed recordings)
  • Audio-only content
  • Audiobooks on old Japan
  • Makoto e-zine back issues (Samurai has access to three web format issues; Shogun has access to ALL back issues)
  • Most of our books in web format (Shogun members only)
  • Occasional freebie downloads
  • and more

With updates added multiple times a week, you'll have a constant supply of fun material to help you along your Japanese language journey.

Click here to learn more about Makoto+. Try it free for seven days. No obligation and you can cancel at anytime no questions asked.

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