October 26, 2017

内気 Shy, Bashfulness, Timid

内気 (うちき)


uchi ki
shy, bashfulness, timid

内 uchi inside
気 ki spirit, energy, power

内緒 nai sho - secret [I]
案内 an nai - guidance, information [B]
気をつけて ki o tsukete - take care, be careful [B]
電気 den ki - electricity [B]
元気 gen ki - healthy, feeling well, strong [B]

No one could sing Pink Lady's UFO like ole Wilbert.



karaoke de utatta wiruba-to wa itsumo no uchiki na wiruba-to dewa nakatta. kare wa, pinku redi- no fan datta no da.
The karaoke-singing Wilbert was not the everyday bashful Wilbert. Turns out he was a Pink Lady fan.

  • カラオケ karaoke - karaoke [KARA comes from the Japanese word meaning (empty) or (without) and OKE comes from the English word (Orchestra)]
  • 歌った utatta - sang [This is placed before Wilbert, so it modifies Wilbert]
  • ウィルバート wiruba-to - Wilbert
  • いつもの itsumo no - the usual...; as always [いつも itsumo means (always) but here it is used before a person to mean his (usual behavior).]
  • 彼 kare - he
  • ピンクレディー pinku redi- - Pink Lady [This was a disco singing/dancing duo from the 70s. Their most famous song was UFO (pronounced like the English words YOU - FOE)]
  • ファン fan - fan
  • だったのだ datta no da - was [past simple of DESU I translate this (Turns out he was) because the last NO DA convey a sense of explanation.]

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