March 1, 2023

Conversational Template: そんなことはない That’s not the Case!

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That's not the case そんなことはない

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そんなことはない literally means "that matter is not."

That's not true. That's not the case. I should think not! No way! Don't be silly. Not really.


This is often used

  • to deny any allegations (often for humility)
  • to softly encourage someone that the negative thing they are saying isn't true

そんなことはない can be a strong rebuke or a polite way to encourage someone. It is also often used to play down a compliment. It all depends on context and the tone of your voice.



No, that’s not true. (This sounds more assertive and confident.)


That is not the case. (This sounds more formal and distant.) 

会話(かいわ) Conversation #1:


 I really messed up this time. It's over.


That's not true. If you keep at it, it’ll be all right.


会話(かいわ) Conversation #2:


I'm not fit to raise children.


Don't be silly. I think you'll be a good mother.


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