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I'm not bad in the looks department, don't you think?

  • I; me | as for | good looking | (quotation marker) | don't think | ?
  • 僕【ぼく】I; me
  • って as for (me); casual quoting particle
  • イケメン handsome; good-looking guy
  • だ is; am [simple of です]
  • と (quoting particle)
  • 思わない?【おもわない】don't (you) think?

kagi wa doko ni oita kana.
key | as for | where | to | placed | I wonder
Where did I put the keys?

  • 鍵【かぎ】 key
  • は (topic marker)
  • どこに (to) where
  • 置いた【おいた】 placed; put
  • かな I wonder

pa-ti- wa doko de yatte iru no?
party - as for - where - at - doing - ?
Where's the party?

  • パーティー party
  • は (topic marker)
  • どこで at where
  • やっている doing; happening
  • の (question ender)

kuchiku shite yaru. kono yo kara ippiki nokorazu.
“I'm gonna destroy them!! Every last one of those animals that's on this earth!!”
Eren Yeager’s quote From “Attack on Titan”


  • 「」—(quotation marks; “ “)
    駆逐 kuchiku—extermination; expulsion; destruction
  • 駆逐してやる kuchiku shite yaru—(I’m) going to kill (it); (I’m) gonna destroy (them) [from くちく駆逐する (drive out; expel; destroy); ~てやる in this context is used to express very harsh actions; how to form: Verb て-form + やる]
  • この世 kono yo—this world; world of the living [この (this) +
  • 世 (world; society)]
  • から kara—from; on
  • 一匹 ippiki—one (small) animal [一 (one) + 匹 (is generally described as the counter for small or medium-sized animals); while the giants are not small animals, by using this counter, he is making them out to be small animals that can be easily eradicated.]
  • 残らず nokorazu—all; entirely; without exception; completely; without leaving any [from のこ残る (to remain; to be left); ~ず means “without doing ~”; how to form: Verb (ない stem) ない + ず]
  • 一匹残らず ippiki nokorazu—all the animals; no one is left behind; every last one of (those) animals [いっぴき 一匹 (one animal) + のこ残らず (all; without exception)]
    エレン・イエーガーのセリフ eren・ye– ga– no serifu—Eren Yeager’s quote [エレン・イエーガー (Eren Yeager) + の (’s) + セリフ (quote; one’s lines)]
  • 進撃 shingeki—advance; charge
  • 巨人 kyojin—giant; great man; titan
  • 進撃の巨人 shingeki no kyojin—Attack on Titan [しんげき 進撃 (advance; march) + の (on; modifier) + きょじん 巨人 (giant; titan)]
  • 「進撃の巨人」より 「shingeki no kyojin」yori—from “Attack on Titan” [「しんげき進撃のきょじん巨人」(”Attack on Titan”) + より (from)]

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