November 17, 2020

未確認飛行物体 Unidentified Flying Object; UFO


Unidentified Flying Object

mikakunin hikou buttai
unidentified flying object

確認 kaku nin to confirm
未確認 mi kaku nin unconfirmed
飛行 hi kou aviation
物体 buttai object

確認書 kaku nin sho - certificate [A]
未来 mi rai - future [B]
UFO UFO - Meaning is same, but the pronunciation is different [You Foe] [B]

"A little help here..."



tori ka? mikakuninhikoubuttai ka? iya tada no su-pa-man da.
Is it a bird? Is it an Unidentified Flying Object? Nah, its just Superman.

  • 鳥か tori ka - is it a bird? [You can think of the か ka as a question mark, but here is is used to compare unknown things. What is it?]
  • いや iya - no [informal]
  • ただ tada - just; only
  • スーパーマン su-pa-man - Superman
  • だ da - to be [informal form of desu]

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