October 27, 2017

馬が合わない Not get along

馬が合わない (うま あ    )

to not get along

uma ga awanai
Not get along

馬 uma horse
合わない awanai not match (neg of 合う)

竹馬 take uma - stilts, walking on stilts (bamboo horse) [I]
馬鹿 ba ka - fool, idiot [B]
子馬 ko uma - pony [B]
具合がいい gu ai ga ii - healthy, good condition [I]
試合 shi ai - match, game, contest [I]
知り合い shiri ai - an acquaintance; someone you know [B]

All right, horsey. New plan.



wiruba- no otouto wa misuta- edo to uma ga awanakatta no de yuumei na terebi bangumi wa higeki ni owatta.
Wilbers younger borther never really hit it off with Mr. Ed, so a famous television program ended in tragedy.

  • ウィルバー wiruba- - Wilbur (Mr. Ed's owner)
  • の no - possessive marker acts like the apostrophe S here
  • 弟 otouto - younger brother [older brother is ANI and brothers in general is KYOUDAI]
  • ミスターエド misuta- edo - Mister Ed, the famous Mister Ed
  • ので node - therefore
  • 有名な yuu mei na - famous
  • 番組 ban gumi - (TV) program
  • 悲劇 hi geki - tragedy
  • 終わった owatta - finished, ended simple past

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