August 11, 2022

Using って – Japanese Sentence Breakdown [Upper Beginners]

Using って

Let's learn how to use the って "I heard" quotation marker by breaking down a Japanese sentence.

What does って mean?

It's like a quotation marker. It can mean "you said" or "I hear that" or "they said" but it is used to indicate information that was heard or seen somewhere.

Our Example Sentence:


as for today | rain fall | I hear | weather | forecast | at | was saying | (emphatic)

The weather forecast said it would rain today.


  • 今日 today
  • は as for (topic marker)
  • 雨が降る to rain [あめ (rain) uses the が marker with る (to fall)]
  • って I hear that
  • 天気予報 weather forecast [天気 (weather) + 予報 (forecast; prediction)]
  • で at; on (weather forecast)
  • 言っていた was saying [past progressive form of 言う (to speak); the ていた form shows an action that continued for some time in the past]
  • よ (emphatic)

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