The Japanese word in general for bugs or insects is 昆虫(こんちゅう) konchuu. This is a list of the main ones you may encounter in Japan. Most of these are usually written in kana, but we will give you the kanji in parenthesis too. Study this list and then take the quiz and / or download and print the worksheet at the bottom.

あり / ari - ant [アリ(蟻)]

ごきぶり / gokiburi - cockroach [ゴキブリ]

かぶとむし / kabutomushi - rhinoceros beetle [カブトムシ (甲虫)]

ちょう / chou - butterfly [チョウ(蝶)]

はち / hachi - bee; wasp; hornet [ハチ(蜂)]

こおろぎ / koorogi - cricket [コオロギ (蟋蟀)]

せみ / semi - cicada [セミ(蝉)]

が / ga - moth [ガ(蛾)]

か / ka - mosquito [カ(蚊)]

くも / kumo - spider [クモ(蜘蛛)]

あおむし / aomushi - cabbageworm; caterpillar [アオムシ(青虫)]

はえ / hae - fly [ハエ (蝿)]

うじむし / ujimushi - maggot [ウジムシ (蛆虫)]

いもむし / imomushi - hornworm; (hairless) caterpillar [イモムシ (芋虫)]

さなぎ / sanagi - chrysalis; pupa [サナギ(蛹)]

かいこ / kaiko - silkworm [カイコ(蚕)]

とんぼ / tonbo - dragonfly [トンボ(蜻蛉)]

てんとうむし / tentoumushi - Ladybug [テントウムシ (天道虫)]

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