Fun lesson on Japanese
A few idiomatic phrases using いらず (don't need).

Volume 5: The Great いらず Collection

The Great いらず Collection
On a Kitty-chan theme

Today we will look at a few set or idiomatic phrases using いらず don't need.

The -ず ending is another way to negate verbs. So いらず = いらない (don't need)

Just the Facts Ma'am

1) 猫いらず - rat poison; lit. don't need a cat;

2) 医者いらず - aloe plant; lit. don't need a doctor

3) 水いらず - just family; lit. water not entered

Help me Rhonda

1) 猫いらず - rat poison; lit. don't need a cat;

What are cats good for other than catching rats? But now that we have rat poison no one will ever need another cat again! At least that is what we would conclude if we only had this phrase as a gauge for what Japanese think of cats.

An out of work Hello Kitty is depressed. The reason: rat poison is cheaper than cat food.

2) 医者いらず - aloe plant; lit. don't need a doctor

Hey, it is much cheaper than a medical school degree!

This is specifically a nickname for the 木立アロエ plant. Since I don't know much about plants, here is a link with a picture.

Example: [Warning: a little disturbing for those fans of Hello Kitty...]
"Don't need a doctor? Sure, that's right", thought Hello Kitty as she sharpened her claws and awaited her master.

3) 水いらず - just family; lit. water not entered

Unlike the first two, this いらず actually has a different kanji. It is 入らず which means "to not enter." The other いらず IS 要らず which means "not needed."

Water, here, means something in the way 邪魔物 jamamono. So having 'no obstacles in the way' lets families relax and enjoy being by themselves.

夫婦水入らず just a husband and wife

Having destroyed Tokyo, Godzilla turned to Hello Kitty and said, "It's nice to be finally alone."

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