February 18, 2024

Wide Face! Fun Japanese Idioms 顔が広い


What does this idiom mean? 

First, let's break it down literally:



(pitch accent stays high after the お)

(subject marker particle, indicating that "face" is the subject of the phrase)


wide; broad

I have a wide face

But it doesn't really mean "wide face."

While we don't have this expression in English, I think you can imagine someone with a "wide face" would be recognized and known widely. 

And that's what it means.


someone has a lot of connections or is well-known among many people

Use this idiom to describe someone who has many acquaintances or connections. A person who is known by many people. Unlike (おお)きな(かお)をする (to look important), this idiom is largely positive.

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Let's use a Shinchan manga to illustrate its usage (and misusage). First, here are the characters:

 あいちゃん – She’s a wealthy kindergartener who is in love with Shinchan (for some unknown reason)

四郎(しろう)くん – a “浪人(ろうにん) ronin” (a student who failed the entrance exam for a university and is waiting to take it again)

しんちゃん – a 5-year old kindergartener who is always messing up Japanese! He’s oblivious to あいちゃん’s affection.









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Now, let's look at an example sentence for today's idiom.


For you to know such a famous person, you must be well connected.


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