November 17, 2020

一目惚 Love at First Sight


love at first sight

hito me bore
Love at first sight

一目 hito me means glance [lit. one eye]
惚 (bore or actually hore before the phonetic change) has something to do with forgetfulness or not having it all there.

惚け boke - out of it; not too bright in the head [needless to say this isn't too polite] [I]
寝惚ける ne bo keru - to be half asleep [I]
時差ぼけ ji sa boke - jet lag [I]

Talk about bad breath...



aru hi gojira wa toukyou wo hakai chuu ni kiti ni hitomebore shichatta.
One day while destroying Tokyo, Godzilla saw Hello Kitty and it was love at first sight!


  • ある日 aru hi - one day [used just like in English; usually in stories]
  • ゴジラ gojira - Godzilla [The Japanese gojira comes from gorira (gorilla) and kujira (whale)]
  • 東京 toukyou - Tokyo
  • 破壊中 ha kai chuu - in the midst of destruction [USEFUL: Use 中 chuu to show something is not finished: example 食事中 shokuji chuu - while eating]
  • キティ kiti - Hello Kitty [In Japanese Hello Kitty is usually キティちゃん kiti-chan ]
  • しちゃった shichatta - [the shi part is from suru; chatta is an ending that shows the finishing]

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