Kanji: 密 Secrecy; density

JLPT N1 | 11 Strokes

On:  ミツ

Meaning: secrecy; density; minuteness; carefulness

Kanji Parts: 

  • 宀 roof; house
  • 必 inevitably; certainly; definiteness
  • 山 mountain


I think of the scene in Lord of the Rings where the Council meets at Elrond's house 宀 and Frodo realizes it is inevitable 必 he must go to the mountain 山, Mount Doom.

It is a secret mission, one dense with minute details and danger.

Stroke Order:


  • 密閉(みっぺい) closed spaces
  • 密集(みっしゅう) crowded areas
  • 密接(みっせつ) close-contact settings


pu-san ni totte, hachimitsu no arika wa saikou kimitsu datta.
As far as Pooh was concerned, the whereabouts of the honey was top secret.

Learn more about this example

  • プーさん - Winnie the Pooh [the full Japanese name is くまのプーさん kuma no pu-san]
  • にとって - as far as... was concerned; concerning..., for
  • 蜂蜜 - honey
  • ありか - the place, whereabouts
  • 最高機密 - top secret

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