Kanji: 差 distinction; difference; variation

JLPT N3 | 10 Strokes

Kun:  さ.す、 さ.し

Meaning: distinction; difference; variation

Kanji Parts: 

  • 羊 sheep
  • 工 craft; construction


Picture a sheep that loved to tinker and build. One day, it created an incredible sculpture out of wool, astonishing everyone. This sculpture was so different (差) from anything else, a perfect blend of a sheep's (羊) natural gift and the art of craftsmanship (工).

Stroke Order:


  • 差別(さべつ) discrimination; distinction [a combination of () (difference; gap) and (べつ) (separation; distinction), referring to the act of treating someone or something differently, often in a negative context.]
  • 格差(かくさ) qualitative difference; disparity
  • 時差(じさ) time difference [It combines (とき) (time) with () (difference; gap)]

Example Sentences:


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary

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  • Clay-San, I don’t understand why this Kani has Hiragana for On and Katakana for Kun. The Kanji for hand also has Hiragana for On and Katakana for Kun.

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