Kanji: 沈 sink

JLPT N2 | 7 Strokes

On:  チン、 ジン
しず.む、 しず.める

Meaning: sink; be submerged; subside; be depressed

Kanji Parts: 

  • 氵 water [radical form of 水]
  • 尢 crooked-leg


If you are in the water 氵 and your legs are crooked 尢, you’ll likely sink.

Stroke Order:


  • 沈黙(ちんもく) silence; quiet
  • 沈没(ちんぼつ) sinking; going down
  • 沈思黙考(ちんしもっこう) being lost in deep thought

あかくして くろ晩夏ばんかの しずむ 

akaku shite / kuroki banka no / hi ga shizumu
Reddening and | black, late summer | the sun goes down

Haiku by Yamaguchi Seishi

  • 俳句 - haiku poem
  • 紅くして - red and… [紅く from 紅い (red); archaic language and only used in traditional poems, possibly comparable to 紅くて; 紅い and 赤い are both “red” but slightly different shade of red. The kanji 紅 is sort of more poetic than 赤 which is the regular red color; you might recognize this kanji from 紅茶 koucha (black tea)]
  • 黒き - black [archaic or poetry version of 黒い]
  • 晩夏の - in late summer [晩 (evening; night); 夏 (summer); 晩夏 is not a common word]
  • 日 - the sun
  • 沈む - sets; goes down; descends

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