Kanji: 治 reign

JLPT N3 | 8 Strokes

On:  ジ・チ

Meaning: reign; subdue; calm down; quell

Kanji Parts: 

  • 氵 water
  • 台 stand; pedestal


Before a king can reign, water 氵 must be poured on his pedestal 台 in a purification ritual.

Stroke Order:


  • 政治(せいじ) politics; government
  • 治安(ちあん) public order
  • 完治(かんち) complete recovery
  • 地方自治(ちほうじち) local (government) autonomy


It appears that politician set up a foundation using political funds.

  • あの that
  • 政治家 【せいじか】 politician
  • 財団法人 【ざいだんほうじん】 incorporated foundation
  • 作って 【つくって】 founded; made
  • 政治資金 【せいじしきん】 political funds
  • 集めた 【あつめた】 gathered (funds)
  • らしい it seems

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