Kanji: 泥 mud

JLPT N2 | 8 Strokes

On:  デイ、 ナイ、 デ、 ニ
どろ、 なず.む

Meaning: mud; mire; adhere to

Kanji Parts: 

  • 氵 water [radical form of 水]
  • 尸 really, a corpse, but I prefer “flag”
  • 匕 spoon or someone sitting
  • 尼 (Buddhist) nun [hitting a corpse 尸 with a spoon 匕 during a rite or the nun sits 匕 under her flag 尸 to pray ]


A nun 尼 slips in water 氵 into mud.

Stroke Order:


  • 泥棒(どろぼう) thief; burglar; robber
  • 泥沼(どろぬま) bog; marsh; swamp; quagmire
  • 雲泥(うんでい)() wide difference; a world of difference


The glitter of a real diamond is worlds apart from that of a glass fake.

  • 本物 hon mono―the real thing; genuine
  • ダイヤモンド daiyamondo―diamond
  • ガラス garasuglass
  • no―[modifying particle which connects a modifying word and a word that is modified]
  • 偽物 nise mono―a fake; fake item [偽 (imitation; fake; counterfeit) + 物 (thing; matter)]
  • ~と…とでは ~toto de wa―compared to A and B; compared to (real diamond) and (fake diamond) [used when comparing multiple items; more than two items could be nested as in AとBとC とでは….; で indicates this particular comparison between “fake” and “real” as the topic of this sentence. It would make more sense if you insert の比較 no hikaku (the comparison of) before , theで implies “the comparison”. では is sort of like “regarding (the comparison of…)”.]
  • 輝きkagayakishine; sparkle; glitter
  • に ni―in (shine)
  • 雲泥の差undei no―worlds apart; a world of difference [雲 (cloud) + 泥 (dirt; mud) + のmodifying particle (of) + 差 (difference)]
  • があるsa ga aru―exists; there is [が (subject marker) + ある (is; exist)]
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