親ばか (おや   )

doting parent

a Parent who is a fool for child

親 oya, shin parent, familiar, relative
ばか baka fool (kanji is 馬鹿)

親戚 shin seki - relative [B]
親切 shin setsu - kind [B]
親分 oya bun - boss (also yakuza (mafia) boss!) [A]

And so you see Muffy simply needs her 100 carat diamond leash to move up in society.



watashi wa petto ni saishin ryuukou no fuku wo kiseru node,「oyabaka」to yobaremasu. demo, kesshite sou dewa arimasen. kono ko ga sekai de ichiban kirei dakara desu.
People say Im a fool for my pet just because I dress her in the latest fashions. But thats not it at all; its just she is the worlds prettiest pet.

  • 私 watashi - I
  • ペット petto - pet
  • 最新 sai shin - the latest
  • 流行 ryuu kou - fashion; popular thing
  • 服 fuku - clothing
  • 着せる kiseru - to put clothes on... [This is the speaker putting cloths on the pet; to cause to be clothed]
  • ので node - therefore [because of dressing the cat with the latest fashion...]
  • と呼ばれます to yobaremasu - am called
  • でも demo - but; however [to contrast what comes next]
  • 決してそうではありません keshite sou dewa arimasen - not at all; God forbid; absolutely not
  • この子 kono ko - this one [子 means child, but it also is used for cute pets as in this case]
  • 世界一きれい sekai ichi kirei - world's prettiest

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