Kanji: 鳥 tori - bird

                JLPT N4 | 11 Strokes

It looks like a bird flapping its wings. The last four strokes are either eggs the bird is sitting on or tail feathers. If it helps, you can think its head as being white 白.

On: チョウ
Kun: とり
Meaning: bird

Stroke Order:


  • 鳥居 【とりい】 torii; Shinto shrine archway
  • 白鳥 【はくちょう】 swan [lit. white bird]
  • 渡り鳥 【わたりどり】 migratory bird


This morning, a bird was singing beautifully.

  • 今朝 kesa - this morning [今 (now) + 朝 (morning)]
  • 鳥 tori - bird
  • きれいに kirei ni - beautifully [the に turns きれい (pretty; beautiful) into an adverb]
  • 鳴いていました naite imashita - was singing [from 鳴く which means chirping or singing by birds; don't confuse this with 泣く naku (to cry)]

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