Here are two very similar kanji. Similar kanji can be tricky, but if you pay attention to the radicals or kanji parts, it can be easy to keep them straight.

What are these kanji?

動   働

Notice only one part is different--the side to the left of the second kanji:

This radical, 亻, means "person" and is a form of the full kanji for person: 人

It is called 人偏(にんべん) and is often used with kanji that has something to do with people.

But let's start with the first kanji. This means "to move":

move; motion; change

Kun: うご.く、 うご.かす
On: ドウ

And here is the second kanji which means, "to work."


Kun: はたら.く
On: ドウ

Just remember, it takes a PERSON to work!

動   働

move              work

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