July 3, 2022

Origin of Japanese Words – 相棒 Partner and Pal

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Meaning of the Kanji

First, let's break down the kanji:

Readings: ソウ; ショウ; あい-

Meaning: inter-; mutual; together

Readings: ボウ

Meaning: rod; stick; pole

Origin of the Word


Translation, Vocabulary, & Notes

Cultural Notes:

A popular detective show (season 21 just started!) is called 相棒(あいぼう) and stars 水谷(みずたに) (ゆたか) who acts like an English gentleman (英国紳士(えいこくしんし)) and his first 相棒(あいぼう)亀山薫(かめやまかおる) returns this season after a ten year absence.

In the manga/anime Disastrous Life of Saiki K, one of the characters (Nendou) always calls Saiki 「相棒(あいぼう)」. They aren't friends. They are "partners." 

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