September 8, 2021

Read Manga in Japanese – Crayon Shinchan クレヨンしんちゃん #23 Walkthrough for Beginners to Intermediates

This was much longer than we planned. The next manga breakdown will be something much shorter. Sorry about that, but if you like (or don't like) this, please let us know.

Reading is key for improving one's vocabulary. What could be more fun than reading manga? But this can be a challenge for beginners and upper beginners. Manga often uses slangy language and has inside jokes or cultural references which the learner may not be familiar with.Listen as Yumi reads a Shinchan comic while Clay asks questions about vocabulary, slang, culture, and why the manga is funny. We look at the story, panel by panel, fully exploring the meaning.

Shinchan is a 5 year old who can be a little rude. He makes mistakes but that can be a good learning experience for all of us since someone usually corrects his mistakes.


  • 公園(こうえん) park
  • あき缶(かん) empty can
  • 作(つく)った made
  • 恐竜(きょうりゅう) dinosaur
  • 登場(とうじょう)しました made appearance; introduced
  • オラ I; me [Shin-chan’s preferred pronoun]
  • アクション仮面(かめん) Action Masked (avenger)
  • 作(つく)りたい want to makeよし all right; okay!
  • さっそく at once
  • 行動開始(こうどうかいし) take action; begin action
  • まず first
  • 作戦会議(さくせんかいぎ) strategy meeting; council of war
  • ジュース juice
  • お茶菓子(ちゃがし) cake served with tea; teacake
  • 必要(ひつよう) essential; needed
  • 会議終(かいぎお)わり meeting over
  • 次(つぎ)は as for the next
  • 設計図(せっけいず) plan; blueprint
  • かこう I’ll write
  • できた finished; I did it
  • いよいよ finally; at long last
  • カンカン empty can
  • 集(あつ)めよう I’ll gather
  • 母(かあ)ちゃん mother
  • なに what?
  • こっちのセリフだよ That’s my line; that’s what I should be saying
  • なんか用(よう)? Do you need something?
  • 今朝(けさ) this morning
  • ゴミの日(ひ) trash collection day
  • 全部(ぜんぶ) all; completely
  • 出(だ)しちゃった put out; took out
  • ちょっと待(ま)って wait a second; just a minute
  • ショック shock!
  • ただいま I’m home
  • おかえりなさいませ welcome back (polite)
  • 熱(ねつ)でもあんのか do you have a fever or something?
  • お風呂(ふろ)にしますか Would you like a bath
  • ご飯(はん)にしますか would you like dinner?
  • ぶつけた hit (head)
  • ビール beer
  • 持(も)ってきます I will bring (you)
  • 飲(の)まない don’t drinkから because of
  • 今(いま)なんと? What did you just say? [literally, now what?]
  • 休肝日(きゅうかんび) teetotal day; day off drinking; liver rest day [a play on 休館日 (also pronounced kyuukanbi but means a day a museum or some other institution is closed)]
  • 心理状態(しんりじょうたい) state of mind; (one's) mental state
  • ななこおねいさんち Nanoko [おねえさん is the correct spelling for “older sister" or “young woman”; the ち is short for のうち (’s house)]
  • こんな気持(きも)ち such a feeling眠(ねむ)れない can’t sleep
  • 1分後(いっぷんご) one minute later
  • 翌日(よくじつ) next day
  • ぼうや boy
  • 手伝(てつだ)ってくれた (you) helped out
  • こっちで処分(しょぶん)しとく we will dispose of (the cans) [こっち literally means “here” or “this side” but it means “we will"]
  • ごほうび reward

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