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Elephant's Song

ぞうさん、ぞうさん / おはな ながい / そうよ、かあさん / ながい

The Elephant's Song

zou-san, zou-san
Mr. Elephant, Mr. Elephant

おはな ながい
ohana ga nagai no ne
Your nose is long, you know

そう よ、かあさん
sou yo, kaasan mo
That's right, my mama('s) also

nagai no yo
is long.



ぞうさん zou san - 'zou' means elephant; san means 'mister' or 'miss' and is often added for cuteness in children speak
おはな ohana - 'hana' means nose; the 'o' before it is honorific and is often used before nouns when speaking to others
ga - the subject marker; (what is before 'ohana' is the subject)
ながい nagai - long
no ne - I have this as 'you know,' but really this is one of those things that can't be directly translated into English; You have to get a feel for it. Both the 'no' and the 'ne' are used when explaning something and showing emotions.
そうよ sou yo - 'sou' means 'yes' 'that's right'... 'yo' is added for emphasis
かあさん kaa san mo - 'kaa san' is mother, mama; 'mo' means also, too
ながい nagai no yo - long; the 'no yo' is like the 'no ne' but the difference is the 'ne' is less sure than the 'yo.'

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ritchshe's picture


I easily memorized the song=) Song for children haha.


Larx's picture

Love it!

This is such a fun song to sing, Ive sang it to almost everyone I know!


i really like this song its cute i sang it too my mum lol she doesnt no what i really said though

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