天然ボケ (てんねん   )

naturally air headed

ten nen boke
Naturally Air Headed

天 ten heaven, nature
然 nen sort of thing, but, however
ボケ boke touched in the head, out of it, spacey

天の川 ama no gawa - the Milky Way [note the pronunciation is ama] [A]
天国 ten goku - heaven [B]
自然 shi zen - nature [B]
全然 zen zen - not at all, entirely [B]
寝惚ける ne bokeru - be half asleep [I]
一目惚れ hito me bore - love at first sight [I]



watashi wa tennenboke na node, amari kitai shinaide, ne.
I am naturally air headed, so please dont expect too much.

  • 私 watashi - I; me
  • ので na node - because of that; therefore
  • あまり amari - not too much [with a negative ending with amari - in this case nai]
  • 期待 ki tai - expectations
  • しないで shinaide - dont do ~

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