October 27, 2017

宇宙人 alien; space man


alien; space man

u chuu jin
alien; space man

宇宙 u chuu - space; outer space
人 jin - person, people

宇宙 u chuu - outer space. [B]
火星人 ka sei jin - Martian; an alien from Mars [I]

An early drawing of Frank, the alien. Click here to read his adventures.



watashi wa amerika jin desu kedo, imouto wa uchuu jin desu.
I am an American, but my little sister is an alien.

[This example comes in quite handy for checking to see if your listener is listening. if your listener shows no reaction, there is a good chance he's not listening.]

  • watashi - I; me [when the は wa (topic particle) follows, it can only be translated as "I" because は wa is the main topic and never a direct object]
  • アメリカ人 amerika jin - American [Just like 宇宙人 uchuu jin, simply add a 人 jin to a country to get the country's people. Click here for more on this]
  • ですけど desu kedo - but [saying this is true, but...]
  • imouto - younger sister [older sister is 姉 ane]

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