January 7, 2024

Basic Kanji Practice Quiz

Let's Practice Reading Kanji!

Can you read these 50 important beginner-level Japanese words with kanji?

Incorrect Answers:

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    Vocabulary in the Quiz

    Here are all the vocabulary words that appear in the quiz. Mouse over each kanji (or tap on mobile) to get the hiragana reading.

    (いち) one

    () two

    (さん) three

    () four

    () five

    (ろく) six

    (しち) seven

    (はち) eight

    (きゅう) nine

    (じゅう) ten

    (いえ) house

    友達(ともだち) friend

    (ねこ) cat

    (いぬ) dog

    (くるま) car

    (くつ) shoes

    (かさ) umbrella

    ()(もの) food

    (みず) water

    (ほん) book

    切符(きっぷ) ticket

    本屋(ほんや) bookstore

    学生(がくせい) student

    先生(せんせい) teacher

    一日(いちにち) one day

    (ひる) noon

    (よる) night

    (あさ) morning

    金曜日(きんようび) Friday

    ()れ sunny

    (あめ) rain

    (ゆき) snow

    (はは) mother

    (ちち) father

    (とう)さん dad

    (かあ)さん mom

    (あお)い blue

    (あか)い red

    (みどり) green

    黄色(きいろ) yellow

    (くろ) black

    (しろ) white

    会社(かいしゃ) company

    靴下(くつした) socks

    (つくえ) desk

    電話(でんわ) phone

    英語(えいご) English

    日本語(にほんご) Japanese

    学校(がっこう) school

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    • Yikes! How did I miss that. I guess 3.5 hours staring at the screen can lead to careless mistakes. 🙂 Let me know if you find anything else. It’s fixed now.

  • Thank you! Very useful quiz!
    In the question about “house” there is no answer. 「いえ」 isn’t in any option. There is two 「うち」。

    • Good eye! うち is a reading for 家 but not as common as いえ as you mentioned. I fixed it. Now the correct answer is 「いえ」 and there is no うち. 🙂 Let me know if you spot anything else or have other ideas. Now that I have the code for this, I can create other similar quizzes.

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