March 19, 2023

便乗する Jumping on the Bandwagon


1) to get a lift; 2) to take advantage of

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The Meaning of 便乗(びんじょう)する

便乗(びんじょう)して is a Japanese phrase that can be used:

  • in the literal sense of “to get a lift in someone else’s car”
  • or in the idiomatic sense of "taking advantage of" or "jumping on the bandwagon" or “to ride on the coattails of.” 

Either way, it is used to describe situations where someone takes advantage of a circumstance, opportunity, or trend for their own benefit or gain. 

The Pronunciation of 便乗(びんじょう)する


The pitch starts low, goes a touch higher and stays there.

How and When to Use 便乗(びんじょう)する

便乗(びんじょう)する is often used to describe someone who joins a popular movement, trend, or cause, typically for personal gain or benefit, without genuinely believing in or supporting it.

Example Sentences with Sound for 便乗(びんじょう)する


English & Vocabulary


English & Vocabulary


English & Vocabulary


English & Vocabulary

Variations and Similar Words


price-raising simply because other companies are doing it.


This means to seize an opportunity or to take advantage of a particular situation or circumstance.


This expression means to "utilize" or "make use of," and can also imply taking advantage of something or someone.

Makoto+ Members, click here to download all the sound files and a PDF just for this lesson. Practice makes perfect!

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