October 13, 2020

Body Parts in Japanese with English Translation

Want to learn how to say important body parts in the Japanese language? Here is a list of essential body related vocabulary words separated by head words and then the rest of the body. Listen to the sound files and repeat after the speaker to improve your pronunciation. After each section, take the quiz to test your vocabulary!

Body Parts of the Head in Japanese

atama - head

目 me - eye

まつげ matsuge - eyelash

まゆげ mayuge - eyebrow

耳 mimi - ears

首 kubi - neck

あご ago - chin

口 kuchi - mouth

唇 kuchibiru - lips

舌 shita - tongue

hana - nose

ひたい hitai - forehead [also おでこ odeko]

ほっぺ hoppe - cheek

髪の毛 kami no ke - hair

歯 ha - tooth

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General Body Parts in Japanese

肩 kata - shoulder

肘 hiji - elbow

手首 tekubi - wrist

ふともも futomomo - thigh

ashi - leg; foot [can refer to either]

つまさき tsumasaki - toe

ude - arm

拳 kobushi - fist

yubi - finger

背中 senaka - back

お尻 oshiri - buttocks

足首 ashikubi - ankle

脇の下 waki no shita - underarm

te - hand

親指 oyayubi - thumb

 mune - chest; breast

 hiza - knee

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