October 27, 2017

果たし状 letter of challenge (to fight)

果たし状 (は     じょう)

letter of challenge

hatashi jou
letter of challenge (to fight)

果 ha (tashi) fruit, carry out, succeed
状 jou conditions, form

結果 kekka - result, consequences [B]
年賀状 nen ga jou - New Years card [I]
招待状 shou tai jou - invitation card [I]

A hard day's work and this is what I get to calm my nerves?!



nanda! chika goro no hatashijou wa!! pinku no kami toka re-su no shishuu toka keshikaran!
What?! Challenge letters nowadays, I tell you!! Pink paper, lace embroidery... This is unpardonable!

  • 何だ nan da - What's this?! [used when surprised - kore wa nan desu ka. What is this?]
  • 近頃 chika goro - recently; as of late [similar to 最近 saikin]
  • ピンク pinku - pink, the color
  • 紙 kami - paper [other kamis include: 髪 kami (hair); 神 kami (God)]
  • とか toka - such as... and ... [used when listing two or more examples]
  • レース re-su - lace [because in Japanese R and L are transliterated to the same katakana characters, re-su can also mean race]
  • 刺繍 shi shuu - embroidery
  • けしからん keshikaran - impertinent; shameful; unpardonable; inexcusable; outrageous; disgraceful

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