April 3, 2023

短文チャレンジ #4 – Cherry Blossom Viewing 花見

短文(たんぶん)チャレンジ – Cherry Blossoms Viewing

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How to improve your Japanese vocabulary and reading skills with 100 Word Challenge. While you can approach these lessons in any order, here are a few tips:

  • Review the Key Vocabulary below
  • Read the story in either the EASY version or the native-level  NORMAL version or both (Click or tap the tabs to view the essay)
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Sakura cherry trees are an important part of Japan's cultural heritage and are a symbol of spring in the country. Interestingly, cherry blossom season only lasts for a few weeks in Japan, and the timing of the bloom can vary slightly each year due to weather patterns. In Japan, there are over 200 varieties of cherry blossoms, each with their own unique characteristics, such as color and shape.

Hanami, or flower viewing, is a popular tradition in Japan where people gather under the cherry blossom trees to admire their beauty, eat and drink with friends and family, and celebrate the arrival of spring.


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Easy Version Vocabulary

  • 花見(はなみ) flower viewing
  • 魅力(みりょく) charm; attractiveness
  • (さくら) cherry blossom
  • (うつく)しさ beauty
  • たっぷり plenty; a lot of
  • (たの)しむ to enjoy
  • 日本(にほん) Japan
  • (はる) spring
  • 公園(こうえん) park
  • 神社(じんじゃ) shrine
  • はじまります begins
  • 家族(かぞく) family
  • や or
  • 友達(ともだち) friend
  • 一緒(いっしょ)に together with
  • ()()く to go see
  • また also
  • (さくら)(した)で under the sakura trees
  • (さけ) alcohol
  • ()べたり (do things like) eating
  • ()んだり (do things like) drinking
  • ()(もの) food
  • 弁当(べんとう) boxed lunch
  • (はな) flowers
  • ()く to bloom
  • 期間(きかん) period; duration
  • (みじか)い short
  • ため because; due to
  • たくさん many; a lot
  • (ひと) people
  • (おな)じ same
  • (とき) time
  • (おな)(とき)に at the same time
  • 文化(ぶんか) culture
  • (かん)じる to feel; to sense
  • いい good; nice
  • 機会(きかい) opportunity; chance
  • 人気(にんき) popularity
  • あります to have; to exist; there is
  • 観光客(かんこうきゃく) tourist

Normal Version Vocabulary

  • 花見(はなみ)  flower viewing
  • 魅力(みりょく)  charm; attractiveness
  • (はる) spring
  • (おとず)れ visit; arrival
  • 日本(にほん)  Japan
  • (さくら)  cherry blossom
  • (うつく)しさ beauty
  • (たの)しむ  to enjoy
  • 公園(こうえん)  park
  • 神社(じんじゃ)  shrine
  • (おこな)われる  to be held; to take place
  • イベント event
  • 家族(かぞく)  family
  • 友人(ゆうじん)  friend
  • (とも)に  together
  • ()(もの) food
  • (さけ)  alcohol
  • ()かせません  indispensable; necessary
  • 日本酒(にほんしゅ)  Japanese sake
  • ビール beer
  • おにぎり rice ball
  • 弁当(べんとう) boxed lunch
  • (かこ)んで  to surround; to encircle
  • 陽気(ようき)  cheerful; lively
  • 見逃(みのが)さない  not to miss
  • 一斉(いっせい)に  all at once
  • 風物詩(ふうぶつし)  seasonal tradition; feature of the season
  • 観光客(かんこうきゃく)  tourist
  • 大変(たいへん)  very; greatly
  • 人気(にんき)  popularity
  • 文化(ぶんか)  culture
  • (かん)じる  to feel
  • 素晴(すばら)らしい  wonderful


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