女の直感 (おんな ちょっかん)

woman's intuition

onna no chokkan
woman's intuition

女 onna woman
の no possessive marker
直 choku straight, honesty, to fix
感 kan to feel, emotion

彼女 kanojo - she, girlfriend [B]
雪女 yuki onna - snow woman from a Japanese traditional story [I]
正直 shou jiki - honesty, integrity [I]
やり直す yari naosu - to redo, do again [I]
感じ kan ji - feeling, sense [not Chinese characters!] [I]
感謝 kan sha - thanks, gratitude [I]

Something about that bow atop her head that drives Godzilla crazy.



onna no chokkan de, kitichan wa gojira no nanpa o takumi ni kawashita.
By her womans intuition, Hello Kitty cleverly thwarted Godzillas romantic advances.

  • で de - by; using (woman's intuition)
  • キティちゃん kiti chan - Hello Kitty
  • ゴジラ gojira - Godzilla
  • の no - possessive (Godzilla is hitting on ...)
  • ナンパ nanpa - make a pass; hit on (usually from a man to a woman)
  • 巧みに takumi ni - cleverly [kakumi by itself means skill or clever, but with the に it becomes an adverb modifying kawashita.]
  • かわした kawashita - to dodge; to avoid (thwart)

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