October 26, 2017

手掛かり Clue

手掛かり (てが  )


te gakari

手 te hand
掛 ga(kari) hang, catch [the ka becomes a ga when placed after te]

上手 jou zu - very good at [irregular pronunciation] [B]
握手 aku shu - shake hands [B]
拍手 haku shu - applause, to clap [B]
出掛ける de kakeru - go out, start off [I]
時間掛かる ji kan kakaru - to take time [B]

The missing fingerprints was the biggest clue.



mattaku tegakari ga nakatta node, toumei ningen ga taiho sareta.
The total lack of clues led to the arrest of the Invisible Man.

  • 全く mattaku - totally; entirely
  • なかった nakatta - nothing; not
  • ので node - because
  • 透明人間 toumei ningen - the Invisible Man
  • 逮捕 tai ho - arrest
  • された sareta - passive verb [was arrested]

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