土下座 (どげざ)


do ge za
kneeling down to the ground, prostrating oneself

土 do earth, ground
下 ge down, below, under
座 za seat, sit down

粘土 nen do - clay (a dirty word) [I]
お土産 omiyage - a souvenir, a present [B]
靴下 kutsu shita - socks (shoe + under) [B]
下 shita - below, under [B]
王座 ou za - throne [I]
正座 sei za - sitting correctly Japanese style [sit upright with legs under] [I]

Godzillas humble act resulted in the lizards return to respectable society.



gojira wa kokoro kara hansei shita node, toukyou tomin ni dogeza shita.
Godzilla, having had heartfelt introspections, humbly knelt before the citizens of Tokyo.

  • ゴジラ gojira - Godzilla [The Japanese gojira comes from gorira (gorilla) and kujira (whale)]
  • 心から kokoro kara - from the heart
  • 反省 han sei - reflect on; think over
  • した shita - past of suru
  • ので node - because (of what was said before node)
  • 東京 tou kyou - Tokyo [Most English speakers pronounce this in three syllables, but it really is only two TOU KYOU]
  • 都民 to min - citizens of Tokyo
  • に ni - particle showing who Godzilla is dogezaing to

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