毒見役 (どくみやく)

taste tester

doku mi yaku
taster (of food or drink) for poison

毒 doku poison
見 mi to see
役 yaku an office, duty

気の毒 ki no doku - it's a pity, too bad [B]
食中毒 shoku chuu doku - food poisoning [I]
花見 hana mi - flower viewing [B]
悪役 aku yaku - the bad guy [I]
役に立つ yaku ni tatsu - useful [B]

Great opportunity.



Please be my taste tester, ok?
doku mi yaku o shite kudasai, ne.

  • 毒見 doku mi - This is the base form. Adding the yaku makes it someone's job
  • して下さい shite kudasai - please do (something)
  • ね ne - a little added bonus to encourage the listener to obey. It is used to soften the request.

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