October 26, 2017

隠れファン Closet Fan


Closet fan; secret admirer

kakure fan
closet fan; secret admirer

隠れ kakure hidden, conceal

ファン fan a fan (of something)

雲隠れ kumo gakure – disappearance [into the clouds – like a ninja] [A]

隠れん坊 kakuren bou – hide-and-go-seek game [B]
証拠隠滅 shou ko in metsu – destruction of evidence [A]
ファンクラブ fan kurabu – fan club [B]

How to say secret fan in Japanese

Big John is a mite pickled they never made a sequel.


jitsu wa ryoushi no jon wa banbi no kakure dai fan datta.

In reality, Hunter John was a huge Bambi fan.

  • 実は jitsu wa – actually; really; in reality
  • 猟師 ryou shi – a hunter
  • ジョン jon – John [name]
  • バンビ banbi – Bambi

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