October 26, 2017

フィーバー Disco Fever



(disco) fever

フィーバー fi-ba- fever (from the English)

- No Kanji! [B]

Thus Herbert began a new craze which made the older generation shiver...



nee, nee, saishin no dansu shitteiru? fi-ba-, fi-ba-!
Hey, do you know the latest dance? Disco fever!

  • ねえ、ねえ nee, nee - hey you [used to get someone's attention when you have something you want to say. Casual]
  • 最新 sai shin - the newest; latest [saishin no ryuukou (latest fashion)]
  • の no - possessive
  • ダンス dansu - dance
  • しっている shitteiru -do you know? [a more polite form is shitteimasu ka?; an even more polite form is gozonji desu ka?]
  • フィーバー fi-ba- - fever [from the 1970s disco craze comes this timeless and ever-so-useful Japaglish]

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