October 27, 2017

接着剤 Super Glue

接着剤 (せっちゃくざい)


secchaku zai

接 setsu contact, touch
着 chaku wear clothes, arrive
剤 zai medicine, drug

接着 secchaku - to attach, fasten (with glue) [A]
面接 men setsu - interview [I]
直接 choku setsu - direct, directly [B]
雨着 ama gi - rain gear [be careful, it is not ame gi] [I]
不時着 fu ji chaku - emergency landing (planes) [A]
洗剤 sen zai - detergent (for washing clothes...) [B]



kare no warudakumi de watashi no itsumo no hamigaki wa secchakuzai to tori kaerarete imashita.
Through his evil plot, my usual toothpaste was replaced with super glue.

  • 彼の kare no - his
  • 悪巧み waru dakumi - sinister trick; evil plan [The で de makes it "using his trick..."]
  • 私の watashi no - my
  • いつも itsumo - always; usual
  • 歯磨き ha migaki - toothpaste
  • 取り替えられていました tori kaerarete imashita - was replaced [lit. taken and changed]

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