October 26, 2017

言語道断 Something so Bad, There are no Words

言語道断 (ごんごどうだん)

outrageous; something so bad, there are no words


gongo dou dan
outrageous; preposterous; absurd

言 gon to speak; words [usually, this is げん]
語 go word; language
道 dou way; road
断 dan cut off

言語 gen go - a language [I]
英語 ei go - English [B]
日本語 ni hon go - Japanese [B]
道路 dou ro - a road [B]
道具 dou gu - tools [B]
断食 dan jiki - to fast (not eat) [A]

I'll start with the fried cat.



yaki neko nante, gongodoudan da yo. yaki inu o kudasai
Fried cat?! Thats proposterous! I will go with the fried dog, please.

  • 焼き... yaki - fried... [焼きそば yakisoba (fried noodles) and 焼き鳥 yaki tori are useful examples]
  • なんて nante - How?! [Used for emphasis and shock value]
  • を下さい o kudasai - give me... [kudasai is often used when ordering. You may also say ~ni shimasu.]

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