October 27, 2017

変身 metamorphosis, transformation

変身 (へんしん)

metamorphosis; transformation

hen shin
metamorphosis, transformation

変 hen change
身 shin body

大変 tai hen - terrible, very, awful [B]
出身 shusshin - come from (your country/city) [I]
独身 doku shin - bachelor, single, not married [I]



gojira wa henshin suru mae wa jitsu wa kawaii tokage datta.
Godzilla, before his transformation, was actually a cute lizard.

  • ゴジラ gojira - Godzilla [The Japanese gojira comes from gorira (gorilla) and kujira (whale)]
  • 前 mae - before
  • 実は jitsu wa - actually; in reality...
  • 可愛い kawaii - cute [this is usually written in hiragana]
  • トカゲ tokage - lizard [usually words with difficult (or unknown) kanji tend to be written in katakana even if it is a native Japanese pronunciation - Here is the actual kanji [蜥蜴] (Dont worry, you wont be tested)]
  • だった datta - was past simple of desu verb

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