June 5, 2024

Hiragana Practice Quiz: Family and Home Vocabulary

Let's Practice Hiragana!

Once you've memorized all the kana, you need to practice reading (a lot). Use this page to practice reading words. Read the hiragana out loud first and then choose the correct romanized option. Can you read these 50 important family and home related Japanese words?

Incorrect Answers:

    Vocabulary in the Quiz

    Here are all the vocabulary words that appear in the quiz. Mouse over each kanji (or tap on mobile) to get the hiragana reading. Even though you are just finishing learning hiragana, make an effort to remember the kanji as you learn words. 

    Family Members

    1. 家族(かぞく) family

    2. 両親(りょうしん) parents

    3. おじいさん grandfather

    4. おばあさん grandmother

    5. (ちち) father

    6. (はは) mother

    7. お(とう)さん dad

    8. お(かあ)さん mom

    9. (あに) older brother

    10. (あね) older sister

    11. (おとうと) younger brother

    12. (いもうと) younger sister

    13. 叔父(おじ)さん uncle

    14. 叔母(おば)さん aunt

    15. いとこ cousin

    16. 子供(こども) child

    17. 息子(むすこ) son

    18. (むすめ) daughter

    19. (おっと) husband

    20. (つま) wife

    Home Life

    21. (うち) house

    22. 部屋(へや) room

    23. リビング living room (also リビングルーム)

    24. 台所(だいどころ) kitchen

    25. 寝室(しんしつ) bedroom

    26. 浴室(よくしつ) bathroom

    27. 玄関(げんかん) entrance

    28. (にわ) garden

    29. (まど) window

    30. ドア door

    Common Household Items

    31. テーブル table

    32. 椅子(いす) chair

    33. ソファ sofa

    34. ベッド bed

    35. 布団(ふとん) futon

    36. 本棚(ほんだな) bookshelf

    37. 冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ) refrigerator

    38. 洗濯機(せんたくき) washing machine

    39. 電子(でんし)レンジ microwave

    40. テレビ television

    Daily Activities

    41. 食事(しょくじ) meal

    42. (あさ)(はん) breakfast

    43. (ひる)(はん) lunch

    44. (ばん)(はん) dinner

    45. 掃除(そうじ) cleaning

    46. 洗濯(せんたく) laundry

    47. 料理(りょうり) cooking

    48. 勉強(べんきょう) studying

    49. 仕事(しごと) work

    50. (やす)み rest; holiday

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