March 8, 2023

本音がポロリ Japanese Phrase Meaning with Examples


Inadvertently revealing your true feelings

The Meaning of 本音(ほんね)がポロリと・・・

本音(ほんね)がポロリ is a useful Japanese expression used to describe a situation in which someone accidentally reveals his or her true feelings or thoughts. It is composed of two words:

  • 本音(ほんね) (true feelings) and
  • ポロリ "slip out"

The (ほん) in 本音(ほんね) doesn’t mean “book” but rather “true” or “real.” The () usually means “sound” but here, it probably represents one’s thoughts or feelings.

Words are like that. You might look at this word and if you know the kanji, you might think it means “reading a book out loud” or if you know the “origin” meaning of (もと), you might think, “the origin of sound” or “sound source.”  Instead, it means something like "the origin of one's intent" or "real feelings."

While learning the meaning of kanji can very often help you learn new words simply by sight, sometimes, you just have to memorize the meaning.

ポロリ is an onomatopoeic or mimetic word that means "inadvertently (revealing)" or “letting out (a secret)”. It can be used as an adverb adding the と particle.

By itself, ポロリ is often used when a woman wears a low-cut dress and her breasts are exposed, or a man wears too short  short pants and his manhood is exposed. In other words, something that ought to be kept hidden is reveled unintentionally.

The Pronunciation of 本音(ほんね)がポロリと・・・


The first word, 本音(ほんね), has a rising intonation on the second syllable in the standard Japanese dialect. The second word, ポロリ has a falling intonation on the final syllable.

How and When to Use 本音(ほんね)がポロリと・・・

本音(ほんね)ポロリ is often used to describe a situation where someone unintentionally reveals his or her true feelings or opinions, usually in a candid or embarrassing manner.

It can be used to express surprise or amusement at the speaker's honesty or to show empathy with someone's situation. This expression is frequently used in everyday conversations, social media, and entertainment.

Example Sentences with Sound for 本音(ほんね)がポロリと・・・


English & Vocabulary


English & Vocabulary


English & Vocabulary


English & Vocabulary


English & Vocabulary

Variations and Similar Words

  • Very often in spoken Japanese, the が particle is dropped: 本音(ほんね)ポロリ
  • 本音(ほんね)()らす to leak the truth; to inadvertently reveal one’s true feelings
  • (くち)(すべ)らす to let something slip out
  • つい()ってしまった Accidentally said something inadvertently

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