October 27, 2017

いつのまにか Before you Know it


before you know it

itsu no ma ni ka
before you know it

いつ itsu when [kanji is not used but... - 何時]
間 ma time

何時 nan ji - What time is it? (same kanji as itsu) [B]
一時間 ichi ji kan - one hour [B]



yusuke kun wa eigo no benkyou shiyou to omotta ga, itsunomanika nemutte shimatta.
Yusuke meant to study some English, but before he knew it, he fell asleep.

  • ゆすけくん yusuke kun - Yusuke [a common boy's name; kun name title used with boys]
  • 英語 eigo - the English language
  • 勉強 ben kyou - study
  • しようと思った shou to omotta - thought to do..., intended to do...
  • 眠ってしまった nemutte shimatta - (unfortunately) fell asleep

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