June 9, 2024

Japanese Sentence Breakdowns for Beginners

Breaking down sentences is a great way to improve your understanding of Japanese sentences and increase your vocabulary. Let's look at 10 beginner level sentences.

Try to work through the sentences, mousing over unknown kanji to get the furigana. Then click the "Vocabulary and Notes" for our translation and vocabulary notes.


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes


Vocabulary and Notes

Want more sentences? Makoto+ members have access to 50 sentences like this. The download also includes all sound files and an Anki flashcard deck to practice all the sentences. If you are a member, please click here.

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Makoto+ Members, click here to download 5 PDFs with 50 sentences, all the sound files, and an Anki flashcard deck just for this lesson. Practice makes perfect!

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    • Thanks! Yes, paying attention to the pitch accents and the overall intonation of the sentences will help improve your pronunciation.

  • 先生、t was really helpful for me., as for pronunciation: I did not expect 友達 and リンゴ to be pronounced like this. But now I know.

    • Thank you! Sometimes we think we know how a kana is pronounced, and so our brains ignore reality. It’s good to listen for any variations in words. For example, the ん sometimes is pronounced as a nasal “gn” sound. Same thing with が. This is often done in more formal speech, but it is definitely different from the standard “n” and “ga” sound. Keep your ears open!

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