October 26, 2017

時代に取り残される Left behind the Times

時代に取り残されるじだい と のこ    )

left behind the times

jidai ni torinokosareru
Left behind the Times

時代 jidai time, period, an age
に ni particle
取り残される torinokosareru leave behind

時 ji - time, hour [B]
代 dai - time, age, generation [I]
取 to(ri) - take [B]
残 noko(su) - leave [I]

There are times when I feel the weight of technology coming like a freight train.



jidai ni tori nokosarenai you ni, soroban no benkyou o hajimeta.
So I wouldn't be left behind the times, I started studying the abacus.

  • ~されない ~sarenai - not ~ed [passive negative; I would not be left...]
  • ように you ni - so that; in order to
  • そろばん soroban - abacus; old adding device
  • の no - possessive in this case, study of soroban
  • 勉強 ben kyou - study
  • を o - direct object particle What was started was the study of soroban
  • 始めた hajimeta - began simple past

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