January 16, 2022

自画自賛 Self-praise [UPPER BEGINNERS+]


praising one's own work; self-praise

Literally, “one’s own picture, one’s praise” or to praise one’s own painting

  • 自 (oneself)
  • 画 (painting; drawing; picture)
  • 賛 (praise)


I'm amazing, aren't I?

  • すごい amazing; great
  • だろう don't you think
  • 俺は as for me, I (am great)


You said it twice.

  • 二回 twice; two times
  • 言ってる saying [In speech, the い is often dropped from the ている form]

The idiom is used when someone is bragging or praising their own abilities or work.

自画自賛(じがじさん)のように()こえるかも()れませんが 。

This may sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but...)

  • 自画自賛 self-praise
  • のように like; similar to
  • 聞こえる able to hear; to be audible
  • かも知れません may; perhaps; might
  • が but; however


He is always bragging about himself.

  • あいつは as for that guy [can be rude]
  • いつも always
  • 自分のことを regarding himself; about himself
  • 自画自賛ばかり nothing but his own praises
  • している is doing

自分(じぶん)作品(さくひん)自画自賛(じがじさん)してどうするの 。

It won't do you any good to talk up your own work like that.

  • あいつは as for that guy [can be rude]
  • いつも always
  • 自分のことを regarding himself; about himself
  • 自画自賛ばかり nothing but his own praises
  • している is doing

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