November 13, 2023

JLPT N5 Grammar: どんな donna – what kind of


どんな means "what kind of …" or "what sort..." This word is commonly used to ask about the nature or type of something.


"どんな" is used when you want to inquire about the characteristics or qualities of a noun. It precedes the noun you are asking about.

The structure when using "どんな" is typically: どんな (what kind of) + [Noun] + [ですか (is it?) / が()きですか (do you like?) /をしますか (would you like), etc.].


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary

Go through the example sentences and then try arranging the words below in a correct order. Other sequences are possible, but the game is set to the order in the example sentences.

Sentence Scramble Game

Sentence Scramble Game

Drag and drop the words so they mean "" Be sure to drop ON words rather than between words:

Vocabulary Quiz

Take this quick quiz based on vocabulary found on this lesson page.

    Other Forms:

    Anything: Use どんなに with ても to mean "anything," "anybody," or "any way." Place before nouns and end with the ても form of a verb or adjective.


    Translation and Vocabulary


    Translation and Vocabulary

    Match the Meaning

    Flip two cards to match the Japanese with the English.

    Flashcard Match-Up

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