These ど~ words are the question forms of the "this" or "that" words in Japanese, the demonstratives. While covered in the previous chapter, we are expanding on these question words here since they are so important.

How to Use:

どれ which one [pronoun]
 -> どれが()しいですか? Which one do you want?

■ どの which [used before nouns or noun phrases]
 ->  予約(よやく)は、どの窓口(まどぐち)でできますか? At which window can I make a reservation?

■ どこ where
 ->  ホテルは、どこですか? Where is the hotel?

■ どちら which way; which direction; where [Or the shortened and very casual form どっち]
 ->  ご出身(しゅっしん)は、どちらですか? Where are you from?

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