March 3, 2020

JLPT N5 Grammar: Adjectives



■ In Japanese, there are two types of adjectives:
い adjectives and な adjectives. The い adjectives are easy to recognize because they end with い.
■ な adjectives are everything else. There are a few なadjectives that end in い like きれい (pretty) and
きらい (dislike). Memorize those two exceptions.

Examples: adjectives




expensive; high



Examples: adjectives [Add the before nouns]







Adjectives are their very best when modifying nouns. Let's see how to do that with い and な adjectives.
Examples with Nouns: adjectives [Simply add a noun]


a hot day


a high building


delicious sushi

Examples with Nouns: adjectives [Add the before nouns]


a quiet place


an easy test


a kind person

Adjectives in Japanese can turn into adverbs (used to modify verbs instead of nouns) by changing the to for adjectives and changing the to for adjectives.

Adverbial Examples: adjectives [drop and add before the verb]


will become hot


became higher (price or height)


to make (something) delicious

Examples: な adjectives [drop the な and add に]


quietly speak


easily done


speaking kindly

For the non-past tense, that is about it. Now, let's look at how to use adjectives in the past and negatively.

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  • Real easy to understand comments and explanations. (Mind, I’ve ploughed through a few that are not!). Thanks a lot for all of this. Will be working through these between now and December. 🙂 Slight criticism: Furigana is really tiny on the website. I haven’t started the download Grammar book yet.

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